Golden Horse FPP 2022 meeting

Golden Horse FPP Series 2022: Full Line-Up

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Entering its third year, the Series section of the 2022 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (November 15-17) selected 20 projects.

In addition to participating in TAICCA’s Pitching & Showcase held during the 2022 Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) on November 9, the teams of the selected projects will be able to apply for TAICCA’s Creative Content Development Program (CCDP) and Taiwan International Co-funding Program (TICP). Applicants who qualify may receive development support of up to NT$2m and a maximum of US$300,000 in production investment. See separate story for list of FPP features selections.


The Actress (Taiwan)
Producer: Olive TING
Screenwriter: YEN Yi-wen, Sasha HUANG
Director: YEN Yi-wen
Prod co: Third Man Entertainment Co

The Alluring Metamorphosis (Singapore)
Producer: LOH Woon-woon
Screenwriter: LIM Gim-lan
Director: Doreen YAP
Prod co: Mediacorp TV Singapore

Boys And Spirits (Taiwan)
Producer: LEE Lieh, Roger HUANG
Screenwriter: LIN Ya-yu, CHEN Bo-zong, CHENG Peng-wen
Director: LIN Ya-yu
Prod co: An Attitude Production Co

The Brides Town (Taiwan)
Producer: Alyssa CHIA, Dennis YANG, Jasmine YANG, Ariel WANG
Screenwriter: FAN Chih-chi, Ariel WANG
Prod co: Studio76 Original Productions

Dead Drop (Taiwan)
Producer: Jayde LIN, Henry TSAI Tsung-han
Screenwriter: LEE Chung, Abby CHAO, LIN Shih-ching
Director: LEE Chung
Prod co: DaMou Entertainment

Death Is Ease (Taiwan)
Producer: Jacky PANG, CHIOU Zi-ning
Screenwriter: PAO Jung-jen
Prod co: Jet Tone Films

Fxxk U & Love U (Taiwan)
Producer: CHOU Chuan, Kevin TSE
Screenwriter: CHENG Ya-chi
Director: CHENG Ya-chi
Prod co: Drama Culture Company

Greedy Algorithm (Taiwan)
Producer: KUO Wen-wen
Screenwriter: Heimy TU, Arial YANG
Director: David CHAN
Prod co: Setting Six Studio Co

Guides To The World Below (Taiwan)
Producer: TSENG Han-hsien, CHEN Shin-chi
Screenwriter: LIN Zhen-hao
Director: David CHUANG, LI Chuan-yang
Prod co: The Tag-Along Co

The Indictment From 1992 (Taiwan)
Producer: Jocelyn HSUEH
Screenwriter: HSU Shih-hui, SU Tzu-chieh
Director: Faith LU, SUNG Hsin-yin
Prod co: Beautiful Mind Productions

I’ve Got Problems (Taiwan)
Producer: KUO Jo-chi, ONG Kuo-sin
Screenwriter: LIEN Chien-hung, CHEN Ke-yun
Director: LIEN Chien-hung
Prod co: LVJ Films Co

Love Is A Losing Game (Taiwan)
Producer: TSENG Yen-nin, TSAI Yi-ho
Screenwriter: KAO Huai-ju, WENG Chih-ching, LIN Pei-jhen
Director: KAO Huai-ju, TSAI Yi-ho
Prod co: Brewing Arts

The Miracle Of ER (Taiwan)
Producer: Jade LEE
Screenwriter: HUANG Ching-tsu, LIN Yun-Shan
Director: Isaac LI, TSAI Yin-chuan
Prod co: Dare Entertainment Inc.

Option B (Taiwan)
Producer: Jacqueline W. LIU, Tiffany CHEN Yu-chia, Cody HUANG
Screenwriter: Faith LU, YEH Nai-ching
Director: Joseph HSU Chen-chieh
Prod co: Type Writers Co, Each Other Films

Silent Sisterhood (Taiwan)
Producer: CHEN Pao-ying, LIAO Chien-hsing
Screenwriter: WANG Chuan, YANG Yi-syun, LYU Wan-jyun
Director: WANG Chuan
Prod co: Gray Wolf International Film Production Co, Keepin Joy Tech

Six Desires (Taiwan)
Producer: Lungnan Isak Fangas, CHEN Nan-hong
Screenwriter: CHUEH Yu-ming, WANG Liang-bo
Director: Lungnan Isak Fangas, CHUEH Yu-ming, WANG Liang-bo, Akira HSUEH
Prod co: Wonderful Time Film Production

Tea Time Rhapsody (Hong Kong) [Animation & documentary]
Producer: TSUI Ka-hei
Screenwriter: Chris TAN
Director: TSUI Ka-hei, TSUI Ka-long
Prod co: Pop Culture Studies & Artistry Discovery Lab

Tales In The Dark (Taiwan)
Producer: QIAN Ning, LEE I-hui, Galilee MA
Screenwriter/director: QIAN Ning, LEE I-hui, Galilee MA, AW See-wee, CHEN Chih-yin, LIN Shi-zhao, WU Hung-yi
Prod co: Sanho Films

The Zombie Mayor (Taiwan)
Producer: Steve WANG
Screenwriter: CHUANG Ching-shen
Director: WANG Li-wen, AN Bon, SHIH Yu-wei
Prod co: CCS Pictures Co

Zoo (Taiwan)
Producer: David TANG
Screenwriter: KE Jia-huei, LIN Guo-feng, ZOU Wan-zhen
Director: Shaun SU
Prod co: Prime Pumpkin Pictures