Golden Horse FPP 2022

Golden Horse FPP Features 2022: Full Line-Up

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Taiwan’s Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP) selected 48 film projects, of which eight are works-in-progress. FPP’s 2022 edition took place November 15-17 during the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. See separate story for list of FPP series selections


A Cantopop Lyricist To-be (Hong Kong, Taiwan)
Director: WONG Yee-lam
Screenwriter: WONG Yee-lam
Exec Prod: WONG Hoi, WONG Yee-lam
Prod: WONG Hoi, Edward CHAN
Prod Co: Sonatina Film Limited, Sonatina Taipei

Franklin (Malaysia)
Directors: Henry CHEN, James LEE, Supharat BOONMAYAM, Jean Claire DY
Screenwriters: Jeremiah FOO, GAN Tze-chuan, Teresa DALEY, James LEE
Prod: Jeremiah FOO
Prod Co: Emuse Pictures (Malaysia)

Future Shock (Taiwan)
Director: SU Hui-yu
Screenwriter: SU Hui-yu
Exec Prod: HUANG Jing-han
Prod: Cookie CHEN, HUANG Jing-han
Prod Co: Jing Moving Image

Music That Shakes The World (Taiwan) [Documentary]
Director: LIN Cheng-sheng
Screenwriter: LIN Cheng-sheng
Prod: LIN Cheng-sheng
Prod Co: Among We Film Productions Co

Our Second Home (Taiwan, Hong Kong, France) [Documentary]
Director: Frankie SIN
Screenwriter: Frankie SIN
Exec Prod: HUANG Hui-chen, Peter YAM, Stefano CENTINI
Prod: Stefano CENTINI, Xavier ROCHER, CHANG Chu-ti, Jamie CHUANG
Prod Co: Volos Films Co, La Fabrica Nocturna Productions

Qingshui River (France, China) [Documentary]
Director: LI Shang-shan
Screenwriter: LI Shang-shan
Prod: Dawei DING

Smartfone (Hong Kong, Taiwan)
Director: Amos WHY
Screenwriters: Amos WHY, KONG Yu-sing, CHUNG Wang-kit
Exec Prod: Amos WHY, CHUNG Wang-kit, Teresa KWONG, Philo WU, Winnie TSANG
Prod: Edwin FUNG
Prod Co: Dot 2 Dot Production

Who’ll Stop The Rain (Taiwan)
Director: Su I-hsuan
Screenwriter: Su I-hsuan
Exec Prod: LIN Shih-ken
Prod: LIN Shih-ken
Prod Co: Suz Creative Studio


Amah’s Miseries (Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore)
Director: CHONG Keat-aun
Screenwriter: CHONG Keat-aun
Exec Prod: WONG Kew-soon, Gene YAO, CHOW Wai-thong
Prod: WONG Kew-soon
Prod Co: Southern Islet Pictures, Janji Pictures, Swallow Wings Films Co, August Pictures

Angie, What’s Wrong? (Taiwan) [Animation]
Director: HUANG Yun-hsien
Screenwriter: HUANG Yun-hsien
Prod: WU Yan-jie
Prod Co: TurnRhino Original Design Studio

Bright & Dark (Taiwan)
Director: Ray JIANG
Screenwriter: TSENG Li-ting
Exec Prod: Mimi WANG, JT TSAI
Prod: Sammi PAN
Prod Co: Yoiisz Internatinal Media

Cathy (Taiwan)
Director: CHEN Yung-chi
Screenwriters: CHEN Yung-chi, IU I-tshing
Exec Prod: CHIOU Zi-ning
Prod: Positivity Films

Cold (Taiwan)
Director: Dicky CHALMERS
Screenwriters: Dicky CHALMERS, Kate AO
Exec Prod: Push YANG
Prod: Push YANG
Prod Co: JHT Entertainment

Counter Moves (Taiwan, South Korea)
Director: Arvin CHEN
Screenwriters: Sunny YU, Arvin CHEN
Exec Prod: Arvin CHEN, Sunny YU, KANG Myung-chan
Prod: LEE In-ah
Prod Co: In Bloom Films, Perfect Storm Film

Doubles Match (Taiwan)
Director: HUNG Po-hao
Screenwriter: YU Wen-hsing
Exec Prod: David TANG
Prod: David TANG
Prod Co: Rise Pictures Co

Family Matters (Taiwan)
Director: PAN Ke-yin
Screenwriter: PAN Ke-yin
Exec Prod: CHENG Yu-chieh
Prod: LU Yen-chiu
Prod Co: Key In Films

From Dawn To Dawn (Spain, France)
Director: Xisi Sofia YE CHEN
Screenwriter: Xisi Sofia YE CHEN
Prod: Ran SHAO, Luis FERRÓN, CAO Liuying, Xavier ROCHER
Prod Co: The South Project, LaCima Producciones, La Fabrica Nocturna Productions

Gods And Monsters (Taiwan)
Director: CHEN Yan-hong
Screenwriters: CHANG Yao-sheng, CHEN Yan-hong
Exec Prod: CHANG Yao-sheng
Prod: SUNG Ming-chung, CHEN Yi-chih
Prod Co: Mulholland Film Production

Haru And Tae (Taiwan, Japan)
Director: IKEDA Akira
Screenwriter: IKEDA Akira
Exec Prod: OSAKA Fumiko
Prod: Susan HUANG
Prod Co: Phenomena Film Productions

Housing (Taiwan)
Director: LIU Bang-yao
Screenwriter: LIU Bang-yao
Exec Prod: YEH Jufeng
Prod: CHIANG Nai-yun
Prod Co: MandarinVision Co

In The Middle Of Nowhere (Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
Director: Jevons AU Man-kit
Screenwriters: Jevons AU Man-kit, Isis TSO
Exec Prod: Andrew CHOI, Subi LIANG
Prod: KUEK Shee-heng

In Thy Maiden Name (Taiwan)
Director: Oftendo HUANG
Screenwriter: ZOU Wan-zhen
Prod: Annie YANG
Prod Co: Track Eight Pictures

The Invisible Love Nest (Taiwan)
Director: Ray WU
Screenwriter: Ray WU
Exec Prod: CHEN Nan-hong
Prod: KUO Jo-chi, Miranda WAN
Prod Co: Kingyo Productions Co

Karma Tango (Taiwan)
Director: ZHANG Zhi-teng
Screenwriter: ZHANG Zhi-teng
Exec Prod: Sam YUAN Tzu-hsiang
Prod: Fenda LYN
Prod Co: Thankful Films

King Of Scam (Taiwan)
Director: Chapman TO
Screenwriter: Chapman TO
Exec Prod: June WU
Prod: June WU
Prod Co: Ablaze Image

Let’s Hit The Road! (Taiwan)
Director: CHANG Jung-chi
Screenwriters: LI Nien-hsiu, SU Tzu-chieh
Exec Prod: Steve WANG, Vita HUANG
Prod: Vita HUANG
Prod Co: Activator Co

Love Before Sunrise (Taiwan, Japan)
Director: KUO Chen-ti
Screenwriters: KUO Chen-ti, HUANG Yu-ting
Exec Prod: KATAHARA Tomoko, KUO Chen-ti, CHEN Yi-ching
Prod Co: A Thousand Tree Films, J&K Entertainment, Zero One Film

Malice (Taiwan, Malaysia, Czech Republic)
Director: LIM Lung-yin
Screenwriter: HSIEH Chia-hsin
Prod: Ivy SHEN, KUEK Shee-heng, Michal SIKORA
Prod Co: TYDAL Productions, Aview Image Co, Lonely Production

The Missing (Taiwan)
Director: LIAO Shih-han
Screenwriter: TSAI Yi-cheng
Exec Prod: Jin ONG, James WEN
Prod: Nicole TEOH
Prod Co: New Century Southward Development Co

Money On Fire (Taiwan)
Director: Lester HSI
Screenwriters: YANG Yi, ET HUANG, LIN Keng-cheng, Wynn WU
Exec Prod: Dennis YANG
Prod: Dennis YANG
Prod Co: Studio76 Original Productions

Moon Spoon (Taiwan)
Director: CHIN Chia-hua
Screenwriter: CHIN Chia-hua
Exec Prod: Eva WANG
Prod: Eva WANG
Prod Co: Geppetto Film Studio

No Where (Malaysia)
Director: CHIU Keng-guan
Screenwriter: CHANG Wen-chi
Exec Prod: KC CHUAN
Prod: Sabrina TAN
Prod Co: Woohoo Pictures

A Plague Of Looters (Taiwan)
Director: CHANG Jing-ye
Screenwriter: CHANG Jing-ye
Exec Prod: HSU Kuo-lun
Prod: LEE Yi-de
Prod Co: Magic Mirror Film

Pretty Wealthy (Hong Kong, Taiwan)
Director: Kate REILLY
Screenwriter: Kate REILLY
Exec Prod: LEUNG Ming-kai
Prod: LEUNG Ming-kai, LEE Chung, SUNG Wei-hsuan
Prod Co: Gold Stone Workshop

Racing Storm (Taiwan)
Director: LIN Yu-hsien
Screenwriter: LIAO Hung-hsing
Prod: Roger HUANG, Lorraine HO
Production Companies: Jumpboys Film Ltd., Yi Tiao Long Hu Bao International Entertainment Co, Whisper Entertainment

Running Wild (Taiwan)
Director: WANG Yi-ling
Screenwriters: LEONG Siew-hong, WU Tai-yun, WANG Yi-ling
Exec Prod: LI Yuan
Prod: KUO Bo-tsun
Prod Co: Film10 Production

Sayang (Malaysia, Taiwan)
Director: TANG Hsiang-chu
Screenwriter: TANG Hsiang-chu
Exec Prod: YEH Jufeng, Jin ONG
Prod: Nicole TEOH, Zara LIN
Prod Co: More Entertainment

Sense Of Loss (Japan)
Director: MAKABE Yukinori
Screenwriter: MAKABE Yukinori
Prod: ABE Go
Prod Co: Robot Communications Inc

Skin In The Game (Taiwan)
Directors: Jade Y. CHEN, Anthony LAMONILARA
Screenwriter: Jade Y. CHEN
Exec Prod: KAO Wen-horng, Gene YAO
Director: CHANG Tso-chi
Prod Co: Slingshot Filmworks

Someday (Taiwan)
Director: CHUANG Yung-hsin
Screenwriter: HSU Keui-ying
Exec Prod: WU Nien-jen, Rachel CHEN
Prod: Rachel CHEN
Prod Co: Touch of Light Films

SOS (Hong Kong)
Director: Kiwi CHOW
Screenwriter: Felix TSANG
Prod: CHUNG Wang-kit
Prod Co: Photon Films (HK)

Sweet Man (Taiwan)
Director: HSU Chih-yen
Screenwriters: Mag HSU, HSU Chih-yen, Leo TAO
Exec Prod: Mag HSU
Prod: CHANG Chin-wei
Prod Co: ARS Film Production Co

That Photograph From 1977 (Taiwan)
Director: KAO Pin-chuan
Screenwriters: Juliana HSU, WU Po-han
Exec Prod: Phil TANG Sheng-jung
Prod: SU Gwo-shing
Prod Co: Greener Grass Culture Co

Time Loop With The Moon (Taiwan)
Director: Angel TENG I-han
Screenwriter: CHEN Jie-ying
Exec Prod: Patrick Mao HUANG
Prod: Patrick Mao HUANG
Prod Co: Flash Forward Entertainment

Toby (Taiwan, UK) [Documentary]
Director: YANG Mei-wen
Screenwriter: YANG Mei-wen
Exec Prod: Toby RUSSELL
Prod: Afa YANG
Prod Co: Mostudio

The Unshakable Destiny (Hong Kong)
Director: Rex REN
Screenwriter: MOK Kwan-ling
Prod: CHONG Shuk-fong
Prod Co: Phone Made Good Film

Until We Meet At Dawn (Hong Kong)
Directors: Will OR, Jane LEUNG
Screenwriter: Jane LEUNG
Exec Prod: Stanley KWAN
Prod: Amy CHIN, Felix TSANG
Prod Co: Golden Scene Company

Will You Be My Friend (Taiwan)
Director: LU Po-shun
Screenwriters: CHEN Chia-ping, LU Po-shun
Exec Prod: HSIAO Ya-chuan
Prod: Eric CHOU Tseng-chen, SU Yu-hao
Prod Co: InLight Film Studio