Streamlined is an online publication and newsletter that focuses on the film & streaming content industries outside of the Americas and Europe – i.e. Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

First launched in 2014 as Chime, the site originally asked the big question facing the global content industries at the dawn of the streaming age. Would the internet and other forms of digital distribution lead to a more diverse spectrum of entertainment crossing borders and reaching new audiences? Or would we all end up watching the same English-language movies and TV shows on Netflix?

Well, we did all end up watching Netflix. But we’re not all watching English-language content. The streamer’s top three shows in 2021 were respectively Korean, French and Spanish (Squid Game, Lupin and Money Heist). We now live in an era in which content is travelling, all the rules have changed, and there’s more need than ever to understand the world of content production outside of North America and Europe. 

Streamlined aims to explore this world, as well as the new business models reshaping our industry, through news, interviews, analysis, seminars and other events. Streamlined is based in Hong Kong but will be asking this question all over the planet and in the process looking at filmed content and pop culture trends from LA, Paris and Cairo to Mumbai, Beijing and Tokyo.

Streamlined is the creation of Liz Shackleton, founder of Chime Consulting, which helps Western companies and government organisations to work with the fast-developing Asian film industries. She was formerly Asia Editor for Screen International and is currently Contributing Editor, Asia for Deadline

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