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Taiwan Creative Content Fest 2023: Full Line-Up

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Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) selected 53 projects across five sections for its fourth edition (November 6-12), which was the first that accepted international projects.

The project selections were divided into four ‘Project to Screen’ categories: Feature Films, Series, Animation Features & Series, and Documentary Features & Series, as well as a ‘Story To Screen’ section with comics and publishing IP.  

The feature film section includes projects from leading filmmakers such as Japanese director Koji Fukada (A Girl Missing), Indonesia’s Edwin (Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash), the Philippines’ Sheron Deyoc (Women Of The Weeping River) and Japan-based, Indian-origin filmmaker Anshul Chauhan (December). 

Project To Screen: Feature Films

A Ballad Of Long Hair (Indonesia, Singapore)
Director: Giovanni Rustanto
Prod: Annisa Adjam
Co-prod: Fran Borgia
Prod cos: Sinema 5, Akanga Film Asia
Appetite For Desire (Hong Kong, Taiwan)
Director & Screenwriter: Peter Ho
Prods: Kao Chun-Ting, Hung Hsiu-Lin
Co-prod: Patrick Mao Huang
Exec prods: Hsu Chao-Jen, Hsu Kuo-Lun
Prod cos: Circle Luna, Content Digital Film Co, Flash Forward Entertainment
Solo (India, France, Norway, Taiwan)
Director & Screenwriter: Suman Sen
Prods: Alan McAlex, Dominique Welinski, Bijon & Arifur Rahman, Ingrid Lili Hogtun, Patrick Mao Huang
Prod cos: Suitable Pictures, Flash Forward Entertainment, Goopy Bagha Productions, Duo Film Entertainment
Hold My Gaze (Philippines, Taiwan)
Director & Screenwriter: Carlo Enciso Catu
Prods: Bradley Liew, April Batican
Co-prod: Chiu Ping-Yu, Huang Jun-Xiang
Exec prod: Stefano Centini
Prod cos: Epicmedia Productions, Volos Films Co
Mother Maybe (Philippines)
Prods: Sheron Dayoc, Arden Rod Condez
Co-prod: Lai Wei-Jie
Prod cos: Southern Lantern Studios, E&W Films
Mr. Tiger (Taiwan)
Director & Screenwriter: Hsu Chao-Jen
Prods: Stefano Centini, Chang Chu-Ti
Co-prod: Choi Kwang-Suk
Prod cos: Volos Films Co, Content Digital Film Co, Rediron Film Co
Nagi Note (Japan, France)
Director: Koji Fukada
Prods: Terutaro Osanai
Prod cos: Survivance, Tokyo Garage
Sleep No More (Indonesia)
Director: Edwin
Prods: Meiske Taurisia, Muhammad Zaidy
Screenwriter:  Eka Kurniawan
Prod co: Palari Films
The Shadows (Taiwan)
Director: Lingo Hsieh
Prods: Jackol Kao, Takashige Ichise
Prod co: The Voice Creative
Tides (Japan, Taiwan)
Director & Exec Prod: Anshul Chauhan
Prods: Takahiro Yamashita, Mina Moteki, Estela Valdivieso Chen
Exec Prod: Adam Cullen Young
Prod cos: Kowatanda Films, Yaman Films, Serendipity Films

Project To Screen: Series

Before We Were Monsters (Taiwan)
Exec prod: Lin Shih-Ken
Prods: Lin I-Ling, Hsiao Wei-Hsuan
Screenwriter: Liao Hung-Hsing
Prod cos: Outland Film Production
Grandma (Indonesia)
Prod & Showrunner: Giovanni Rahmdeva,
Creator, Prod & Showrunner: M Shahriza Rijadi
Co-Writer: Henricus Pria
Prod cos: Qun Films
It’s Showtime! (Taiwan)
Exec prod: Jin Pai-Lunn
Director: Yin Chen-Hao
Screenwriter: Wu Yi-Chien
Prod cos: Calendar Studios Co
I Wish You Happiness (Taiwan)
Exec prod: Chen Weiling, Sarso Chou
Prod: Gu Wen-Shan
Directors: Lin Jun-Yang, Jiang Xiu-Qiong
Screenwriter Coordinator: Jiang You-Zhu
Screenwriters: Isara Chen, Huang Lo-Yao, Hung Tzu-Ying
Prod cos: A Good Book Co
Maid Of Vengeance (Taiwan)
Prods: Michelle Yeh, Fang Lyn
Director: David Chuang
Head Screenwriter & Story Editor: Yang Wanju
Screenwriters: Mia Hsu, Ko Yenhsin
Prod cos: Universe Of Ladies Co
Ruin Guardians (Taiwan)
Exec prod: Jade Lee
Prods: Push Yang
Director: Lim Lung-Yin
Screenwriters: Wei Kuo Yuan, Lee Ying Chi
Prod cos: JHT Entertainment, Dare Entertainment
So May We Start (Taiwan)
Exec prod & Screenwriter: Sun Chih-Shi
Exec prod & Prod: Jacqueline W. Liu
Exec prod: Tiffany Chen Yu-Chia
Director: Teng I-Han
Screenwriter: Wang Yu-Ping
Prod cos: Each Other Films
The Formosa Heist (Taiwan)
Exec prod: Charlyn Ng Gay Hui
Prods: Terry Chen
Director: Hung Tze-Hsuan
Prod cos: IFA Media, Golden Edge Studio
The Last Children Of Tokyo (Japan, Taiwan)
Prods: Ivy Shen Yu-Hua, Maiko Itagaki, Patrick Mao Huang
Director & Screenwriter: Edmund Yeo
Prod cos: NHK, Flash Forward Entertainment, Betula Films
The Right Way To See A Falling Star (Taiwan)
Exec prod & Prod: Sammi Pan Hsin-Hui
Prods: Vera Hsu
Director: Ray Jiang
Screenwriters: Ariel Wang, Chen Yu-Hau
Prod cos: Yoiisz International Media, Calfilms
You Are It (South Korea)
[Selected From Bifan]
Writer: Baek Ju-Yeong

Project To Screen: Animation Feature & Series

Brian (Taiwan)
Director & Screenwriter: Kevin Lee
Director: Joe Chen
Writer & Prod: Michael L Wong
Prod: John Liaw
Prod cos: Whatube Studios, Brilliant Animation Studios
Favorable Wind Ears (Taiwan)
Director: Su Chun-Hsu
Prods: Bruce Yao, Mason Yao
Prod cos: Xanthus Animation Studio
Fresh Truck (Taiwan)
Author & Prod: Chen Min-Yu
Screenwriter: Lin Chun-Ju
Animator: Chang Hsien-Teng
Tranlator: Chang Kai-Wen
Prod cos: Muteam Workshop Co
Madame: Welcome To Dolly’s House (Taiwan)
Director: Liu Yu-Shu
Director & Screenwriter: Rady Fu
Producer In Chief : Dennis Wu, Seven Ych
Prod cos: Deep Sky Object Co, Hytree Studio, TS Times Co, CMC Entertainment Group
New Bridge Of Colors (Taiwan)
Exec prod & Co-director: Lien Chun-Chien
Exec Prods F ranco Serra, Frederic Puech
Prod cos: Dottodot
Orion DSSR: Deep Space Salvage & Recovery (Taiwan)
Co-Creator & Director: Nicolas Vallet
Co-Creator & Prod: Kevin Geiger
Exec prod: Feng Wen
Prod cos: Tellretell (De Yi Chuang Yi)
Rabi-Ribi (Taiwan)
Director: Jacys Lin
Prods: Kei Yoneoka, Shinya Kono, Mark Cameron Williams
Screenwriters: Yang Yi, Lin Keng-Cheng, Chen Xing-Ying
Prod cos: Stealthworks Taiwan
Sorya (France)
Director: Denis Do
Prod: Sébastien Onomo
Prod cos: Special Touch Studios
The Dangers (France)
Director & Author: Daniel Klein
Author: Cyril Deydier
Scriptwriters: Baptiste Grosfilley, Santine Munoz
Prod cos: Tchack Sarl
Zsazsa Zaturnnah Vs The Amazonistas Of Planet X (Philippines)
Director: Avid Liongoren
Prod: Franck Priot
Prod cos: Rocketsheep Studios, Ghosts City Films

Project To Screen: Documentary Feature & Series

After The Snowmelt (Taiwan)
Director: Lo Yi-Shan
Prod: Chen Yung-Shuang
Co-prod: Angle Chen Wen
Line Producer: Amy Cho Tze-Lan
Editor: Jessica Lin Wan-Yu
Cinematographer: Steven Tsai Wei-Long
Sound Design: Yannick Dauby
Prod cos: Hope Content Marketing Co
Climate Of Consequences (Pakistan)
Director: Seemab Gul
Prod: Evie Branka
Prod cos: Affinity Pictures
Flying Cows (Armenia)
Directors: Vahagn Khachatryan, Aren Malakyan
Prod: Jia Zhao
Prod cos: Muyi Film, Oolik Production
Island Of The Winds (Taiwan, Japan, France)
Director: Hsu Ya-Ting
Prod: Huang Yin-Yu
Co-prod: Baptiste Brunner
Editor: Takeshi Hata
Prod cos: Moolin Films, Argosy Films And Media Productions, Wide Productions
Magnetic Letters (Philippines, Germany, France)
Director & Prod: Demie Dangla
Prod: Gale Osorio
Creative Producer: Keith Deligero
Co-prods: Philippe Djivas, Laura Kloeckner
Prod cos: Archipelago, Dynamo Production, Seera Film
Palimpsest: Traces Of A Name (Hong Kong, Taiwan, France)
Director, Screenwriter & Editor: Mary Stephen
Prods: Annie Ohayon-Dekel, Teresa Kwong, Stefano Centini
Prod cos: 24 Images, Produsa, Volos Films Co
The Highness & Excellency (Iran)
Director: Sajad Imani
Prods: Milad Khosravi, Evie Branka
Prod cos: Seven Springs Pictures
The White Waters (Taiwan)
Director & Prod: Huang Ling-Hwa
Prod: Chen Yu-Jui
Time Hunter (US)
Director & Prod: Daniel Chein
Director & Protagonist: Mushiva
Prod: David Felix Sutcliffe
Prod cos: Time Hunter LLC
XiXi (Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea)
Director & Prod: Wu Fan
Prod: Venice De Castro Atienza
Co-prods: Sona Jo, Her Yoonsoo
Prod cos: Svemirko Audiovisual Art Productions, Svemirko Film Productions, Sonafilms
We Live Underground (Taiwan)
[Recommended By CCDF]
Director: Xiao Yu-Ru
Prod: Kathy Wong Kei-Yiu
Cinematographer: Wang Zhi-Xiang
Sound Designer Huang Tsai-En
Prod cos: Across Film
Queer As Punk (Malaysia)
[Selected From Docs By The Sea Prize]
Director & Prod: Chen Yih Wen‍

Story To Screen

The Subordinate Leasing Program (Publishing)
Writer: Muchienz
Kadokawa Taiwan Corporation
Second Woman (Publishing)
Author & Screenwriter: Joanne Deng
The Grayhawk Agency
Son Of Formosa (Comics)
Scriptwriter: Yu Pei-Yun
Comic Artist: Zhou Jian-Xin
The Grayhawk Agency
Loyalty Test (Publishing)
Author: The Twelve Rays
Mystery Creation Co
The Gap Year (Publishing)
Author: Lee Po-Ching
The Grayhawk Agency
A Sketch In Scarlet (Publishing)
Author: Karasumi
Illustrator: Ms. Zowie
Mystery Creation Co
Murderer Of Us (Publishing)
Author: Jing
Cover & Book Pages Illustrator: PP
Beans Books
A Trip To The Asylum: The World Is A Madhouse (Comics)
Author: Pam Pam Liu
The Grayhawk Agency
I Dare You (Comics)
Author: Hsieh Tung-Lin
Mirror Fiction Inc
Peenky Promise (Comics)
Artist: Hom (Weng Yu-Hung)
Naver Webtoon