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Shanghai SIFF Project 2024: Full Line-Up

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SIFF Project (June 16-19), the projects market of Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), selected 34 projects across four categories for its 2024 edition. 

Among the selected projects, 23 are debut feature films, eight are second features, and three are third features by their respective directors. The line-up includes A Girl Unknown, which won the Next Step Feature Script Workshop First Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and Golden Daddy, which marks the directing debut of screenwriter Lei Zhilong (Cool Fish). 

Since SIFF Project was launched in 2007, a total of 98 projects have been produced, among which 76 have participated in film festivals worldwide (57 have screened at A-list international film festivals and 38 returned to screen at SIFF). In addition, 68 of these films have achieved domestic and/or international theatrical releases.

Two SIFF Projects have been released in Chinese theatres this year: Fish Under The Ice (2019 project) was released on May 23 and Karma (2020 project) was released on June 7, 2024.



Remember Me, Please (China)
Director/Screenwriter: Xing Lipeng
Producer: Liu Lei

The Younger Brother (China)
Director: Lu Lu
Screenwriter: Gu Weiying, Lu Lu

Red Sparrow (China)
Director: Pan Chuqiao
Producer: Qian Lujie, Li Muhan
Screenwriter: Jiang Yu

Blessed Pregnancy Day (China)
Director: Li Huifei
Producer: Xiayu, Liu Ran
Screenwriter: Liu Ran

Mind Reader (China)
Director: J.C. Song
Producer: Li Xiaoyuan
Screenwriter: Tobias Sinagoga, J.C. Song

Duck Hill (China)
Dir/Prod/Scr: Miao Jina, Ye Yuhang

Junction (China, Hong Kong)
Director: Li Chenxi
Exec Producer: Guan Hu
Producer: Crystal Gong Chun
Screenwriter: Ge Rui, Li Chenxi, He Liangyu

A Girl Unknown (China, France)
Director/Screenwriter: Zou Jing
Producer: Wang Yang, Xu Jiahan, Didar Domehri, Jeremy Chua


Good Kid, Bad Kid (China, US)
Director/Screenwriter: Yan Haohao

The Life Still Young (Malaysia, Hong Kong, China)
Director: Chong Shun Yuan
Exec Producer: Chan Fong
Producer: Tong Bing Yu, Kee Kai Loon
Screenwriter: Lim Pui Pui

A Tender Song (China, Japan)
Director/Screenwriter: Song Fang
Producer: Shozo Ichiyama


Breaking The Silence (China)
Director: Chen Xiaoyu
Producer: Nina Huang Fan
Screenwriter: Aisa Xia, Hanbal Lin, Chen Xiaoyu

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (China, Maldives)
Director/Screenwriter: Liao Zihao
Producer: Sun Bowen

Before The Snow Melts (China)
Director: Shiloh Chen, Randy Wang
Producer: Yee Wang
Screenwriter: Shiloh Chen

Golden Daddy (China)
Director: Lei Zhilong
Producer: Yvonne Wan
Screenwriter: Lei Zhilong, Han Liang

Accident (China)
Director/Screenwriter: Joe Ye
Exec Producer: Patrick Mao Huang
Producer: Lily Yang

Partially In Love (China)
Director: Lavi Hu
Producer: Ma Xiaotian
Screenwriter: Chen Qian

Hooray For Heartbreak (China)
Director/Screenwriter: Xia
Exec Producer: Huang Bin
Producer: Peter Lee, Zoa

The Jobless Me (China)
Director: Lu Ke
Producer: Qi Haonan
Screenwriter: Xu Shaofei

Lahm (China)
Director/Producer: Zhang Fan
Screenwriter: Zhang Fan, Zhaxi Nima

Fear And Dignity (China)
Director/Screenwriter: Lu Dan
Producer: Wang Lei
Co-Producer: Zhang Haitao

Stranger In The Mountain (China)
Director: Wan Bo
Producer: Wan Bo, Li Yixiao
Screenwriter: Luo Pan

The Forging (China)
Director/Screenwriter: He Shengsheng
Producer: Chen Changye

The Plague (China)
Director: Dong Yue
Producer: Chen Haifan, Li Zhe
Screenwriter: Dong Yue, Yi Cunyu


Soul Searching (China)
Director: Li Wei
Exec Producer: Shen Xiaoyi
Producer: Shang Jiawei, Huang Wei, Liu Yanwen
Screenwriter: Li Wei, Du Jianwen
DoP: Zhou Jichang

Too Close To Home (China)
Director: Lan Tian
Producer: Shen Dandan, Wang Hongbo, Nicky Yu
Screenwriter: Ding Rui, Lu Tianfei
DoP: Pan Xuexue

The Gullible Deer (China)
Director: Denerl Zhang
Producer: Zuo Zhiguo
Screenwriter: Denerl Zhang, Bai Xiaokui
DoP: Si Guoyi

Shining Sun (China)
Director/Screenwriter: Wang Meng
Producer: Lv Xingchen, Deng Yuting
DoP: Liu Jianxin

The Family (China)
Director/Screenwriter: Qiu Wei
Producer: Qiu Wei, Chen Xia, Wang Lixue
DoP: Chen Weinian

Short Summer In Lhasa (China)
Director/Screenwriter: Kang Drun
Producer: Zhang Qian, Liang Ying
DoP: Li Siwei, Tashi Namjia

Green Lake (China)
Director/Screenwriter: Wang Zixuan
Producer: Zhang Jie
DoP: Wang Zixuan, Zhu Jie

Cold Water (China)
Director/Screenwriter: Zhang Xinyang
Executive Producer/Producer: Weng Zhichao
DoP: Hou Chenyu

Shine Shine (China)
Director: Zhang Chi
Producer: Chen Qi, Zhao Ke, Chen Hong
Screenwriter: Wang Jun
DoP: Ma Jian

As River Goes By (China)
Director/Screenwriter: Charles Hu
Executive Producer: Patrick Mao Huang
Producer: Patrick Mao Huang, Ding Yu, Guo Sheng
DoP: Hark Xu