ROUND-UP: Major sales deals out of this year’s Cannes market

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Below is a round-up of the major sales deals announced at the Cannes market on films originating from Asia and the Middle East. 

Broker (Competition)
Seller: CJ ENM (reported 171 terrs)
Buyers: Neon (North America), Gaga Corp (Japan), France (Metropolitan), Koch Films (Germany, Italy ), Triart Film (Scandinavia), September Films (Benelux), Edko (Hong Kong, Macau), Madman (Australia, New Zealand), Picturehouse Entertainment (UK, Ireland)

Decision To Leave (Competition)
Seller: CJ ENM (reported 192 regions)
Buyers: Bac Films (France), MovieCloud (Taiwan), MUBI (North America, UK, Turkey, India), Happinet Phantom Studios (Japan), Koch Films (Germany), Lucky Red (Italy), Madman (Australia, New Zealand), Nonstop (Scandinavia), Cineart (Benelux), Edko (Macau, Hong Kong), Purple Plan (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei)
Release dates: Korea and France on June 29

The Blue Caftan (Un Certain Regard)
Seller: Films Boutique
Buyers: Ad Vitam (France), Cineart (Benelux), Karma (Spain), Longride (Japan), Movies Inspired (Italy), Filmcoopi (Switzerland), Thimfilm (Austria), Camera Film (Denmark), Danaos (Greece), Nachshon Films (Israel), A-one (Baltics).

Holy Spider (Competition)
Seller: Wild Bunch International
Buyers: Utopia (US), MUBI (UK, Ireland, Latin America, excluding Mexico, Malaysia), Metropolitan Filmexport (France), Xenix (Switzerland), Cinéart (Benelux), Alamode (Germany), BTeam Pictures/Karma Films (Spain), Cinobo (Greece), Academy Two (Italy), Nos Lusomundo (Portugal), Fivia (ex-Yugoslavia), Vertigo Media (Hungary), Film Europe (Czech Republic), Independenta Film (Romania), Gutek (Poland) and A-One Films (Baltics), Gaga Corp (Japan), Pancinema (South Korea), Proview Entertainment (Taiwan), Edko Films (Hong Kong), Falcom (Indonesia), United King (Israel), Bir Film (Turkey), Ciné 7ème Art (North Africa), Canibal (Mexico).

Plan 75 (Un Certain Regard)
Seller: Urban Sales
Buyers: Tucker Film (Italy), Dddream (China), September Films (Benelux), Sky Digi (Taiwan), Lighthouse Film Distribution (Singapore)
Release dates: Japan release through Happinet in mid-June and France through Eurozoom in autumn

Return To Seoul (a.k.a. All The People I’ll Never Be)
(Un Certain Regard)

Seller: MK2 Films
Buyers: Sony Pictures Classics (North America, Latin America, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand), MUBI (UK, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, India and Southeast Asia, excluding the Philippines and theatrical rights in Cambodia)

All That Breathes (Special Screenings)
Seller: Submarine Deluxe
Buyers: HBO Documentary Films (worldwide television rights)
Release dates: US through Submarine Deluxe and Sideshow this autumn, followed by festivals, then HBO and HBO Max in 2023.


The Apartment With Two Women (market)
Director: Kim Se-in
Seller: Finecut
Buyers: Harakiri Films (Japan), Edko Films (Hong Kong, Macau)
Hommage (market)
Director: Shin Su-won
Seller: Finecut
Buyers: New Select Co (Japan), Viva Networks (Philippines), Encore Inflight (worldwide in-flight)
Hot Blooded (market)
Director: Cheon Myeong-kwan
Seller: Finecut
Buyers: Epic Pictures Releasing (North America), New Select (Japan), CJ ENM (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia), Viva Networks (Philippines), M Pictures (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos), The Jokers Films (France)
The Killer (market)
Director: Choi Jae-hun
Seller: M-Line Distribution
Buyers: Trinity CineAsia (UK), Wide Lens Pictures (North America), Klockworx (Japan), Vox Cinemas (Middle East), VLG Film (CIS), Clover Films (Hong Kong, Southeast Asia), Movie Cloud (Taiwan), Splendid (German-speaking territories), Blue Swan Entertainment (Italy)
Nezouh (market)
Director: Soudade Kaadan
Seller: MK2 Films
Buyers: Mad Solutions (Middle East and North Africa), Pyramide Distribution (France)
The Novelist’s Film (market)
Director: Hong Sangsoo
Seller: Finecut
Buyers: Midas Filmes (Portugal), Grandfilm (Germany, Austria), Acephale (Canada), AV-Jet International (Taiwan), The Cinema Guild (US), Ama Films (Greece, Cyprus), L’Atalante Cinema (Spain), Arizona Films (France), Mimosa Film (Japan)
Suzume no Tojimari (market)
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Seller: Toho
Buyers: Crunchyroll (global rights, ex Asia), which will distribute in North America, while Sony Pictures and Wild Bunch International co-distribute in Europe.
Release dates: November 11 via Toho in Japan. Worldwide from early 2023. 
Twilight Of The Warriors: Walled In (market)
Director: Soi Cheang
Seller: Media Asia
Buyers: Well Go USA (North America), Koch Films (Germany)
Wandering (market)
Director: Lee Sang-il
Seller: Gaga Corp
Buyers: Edko (Hong Kong), Movie Cloud (Taiwan), Watcha (South Korea), Clover Films (Singapore), Falcon (Indonesia), Sahamongkolfilm International (Thailand)