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Red Sea Souk Project Market 2023: Full Line-Up 

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Red Sea International Film Festival, which takes place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, selected 24 projects from across the Arab and African region to participate in Red Sea Souk Market (December 2-5).

The line-up includes 12 Red Sea Lodge projects, which were developed through workshops in partnership with the Torino Film Lab over the course of the past year. Four of these projects are awarded the annual Red Sea Lodge production prizes of $50,000 each.

All 24 selected projects compete for cash prizes offered by the Red Sea Fund, to be awarded by an international jury of producers: $35,000 for development, $25,000 for the Jury Special Mention Award and $100,000 for production.

The line-up also includes six additional projects selected for the Work-in-Progress Showcase, which compete for the Red Sea Souk Post-Production Award of $30,000 and the Special Jury Mention of $10.000. Participating projects are also eligible for additional awards funded by the Red Sea Souk sponsors and partners.


Djeliya, Memory Of Manding (Burkina Faso)
By Boubacar Sangaré                 
Creative Documentary
Love Conquers All (Lebanon, France)
By Danielle Arbid                                            
Madness And Honey Days (Iraq, Canada)
By Ahmed Yassin Al-Daradji                          
Miracle In Cell No.7 (Lebanon, UAE)
By Dina Amer
Nostalgia: A Tale In First Chapters (Syria, Germany, Italy)
By Ameer Fakher Eldin 
Sadness (Central African Republic, France, Congo)
By Emmanuela Lalanga                         
First Feature
Selfless (Algeria, France, Qatar)
By Meriem Mesraoua                                           
First Feature
Tanzanite (Rwanda, South Africa, Kenya, Switzerland)
By Kantarama Gahigiri                                                                
First Feature
The Return Of The Prodigal Son (Egypt, Tunisia, France)
By Rani Massalha
The Stranger (Syria, France)
By Gaya Jiji                                                                          
The Treasure (Morocco)
By Abdellah Taïa
When I Close My Eyes, I See Your Eyes (Egypt)
By Sameh Alaa
First Feature


An Endless Night (Egypt)
By Mohamed Kassaby
First Feature
Black Snake (Zimbabwe)
By Naishe Nyamubaya    
First Feature
By Hasnaa’s Side (Saudi Arabia)
By Amaal Youssif
First Feature
Fantastic Tale (Nigeria)
By Vincho Nchogu      
First Feature
In The Beginning, It Is The End (Saudi Arabia)
By Ghadeer Binabbas
Mecca, Berlin (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Germany)
By Mujtaba Saeed & Ghiath Al Mhitawi
First Feature
My Father Killed Bourguiba (Tunisia, Qatar)
By Fatma Riahi & Louai Haffar
Second Feature Documentary
Temporary Lives (France, Norway, Syria)
By Wessam Hachicho
First Feature
The Girl And The Missing Bed (Jordan, Lebanon)
By Samer Battikhi
First Feature
The Middle One (Saudi Arabia, France)
By Sarah Almuneef
First Feature
The Night Whisperer (Saudi Arabia)
By Lina Mahmoud                        
First Feature
The Sun Sees Everything (Lebanon)
By Wissam Tanios
Second Feature    


Animale (Algeria, France, Belgium)
By Emma Benestan                                                              
Men In The Sun (Palestine, UK, Greece, Netherlands, France, Germany)
By Mahdi Fleifel                          
My Semba (Angola)
By Hugo Salvaterra                
First Feature
Red Path (Tunisia, France, Belgium, Poland)
By Lotfi Achour
Rising Up At Night (DRC, Belgium, Germany, Burkina Faso)
By Nelson Makengo
First Feature, Creative Documentary
Yunan (Palestine, Germany, Canada, Italy, Jordan)
By Ameer Fakher Eldin