Tokyo Gap Financing Market 2022: Full Line-Up

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The third edition of TIFFCOM’s Tokyo Gap Financing Market (TGFM), which is taking place October 25-27 online, selected 20 projects from 24 countries and regions for financing and development.  

TGFM provides opportunities for feature film and TV series projects in the financing stage to meet one-on-one with industry experts to help producers finalise their projects. Eligible projects must have 60% of the total budget secured (50% for a TV series project) and have an Asia-related element. 



Ama (Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Japan)
Dir: Yuki Kawamura
Prod co: Les Films Fauves
China Sea Lithuania (Poland, Taiwan)
Dir: Jurgis Matulevičius
Prod co: Film Jam
Deep Quiet Room (Taiwan)
Dir: Ko-Shang Shen
Prod co: Flash Forward Entertainment
Diamonds In The Sand (Japan, Philippines)
Dir: Janus Victoria
Prod co: Project 8 Projects, Paperheart
Gaspar (Indonesia)
Dir: Yosep Anggi Noen
Prod co: Kawankawan Media, Visinema
Helldiver (US, Hong Kong, Malaysia)
Dir: Tod Kip Williams
Prod co: Straight Up Films
I, The Song (Bhutan, France, Norway, Taiwan)
Dir: Dechen Roder
Prod co: Dakinny Productions
In The Belly Of A Tiger (India, Taiwan, France, US, China)
Dir: Jatla Siddartha
Prod co: Flash Forward Entertainment
Kiss Of The Con Queen (Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Ireland)
Dir: Tom Waller
Prod co: De Warrenne
Love Before Sunrise [working title] (Taiwan, Japan)
Dir: Chen-Ti Kuo
Prod co: A Thousand Tree Films
Skin Of Youth (Vietnam, Singapore)
Dir: Ash Mayfair
Prod co: An Nam Production, Akanga Films
Soldier Of Love (Kazakhstan)
Dir: Farkhat Sharipov
Prod co: Medeor
Some Nights I Feel Like Walking (Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan)
Dir: Petersen Vargas
Prod co: Daluyong Studios
The Spark (India)
Dir: Rajesh S. Jala
Prod co: The Elements
Untamed (UK, China)
Dir: Song Pengfei, Justin Chadwick
Prod co: Juben Pictures
Who Were We? (Japan)
Dir: Tetsuya Tomina
Prod co: Tetsuya Tomina Film
Winter In Sokcho (France, South Korea)
Dir: Koya Kamura
Prod co: Offshore


A Mighty Adventure (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia)
Dir: Toe Yuen
Prod co: Zero One Film


Till The World Ends (Thailand)
Dir: Anusorn Soisa-Ngim
Prod co: Commetive Production

Wine Lovers (Taiwan, New Zealand)
Dir: Wesley Ko
Prod co: Awesomeworks Production