Pingyao Project Promotion

Pingyao Project Promotion 2023: Full Line-Up 

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China’s Pingyao International Film Festival (October 11-18) selected 17 projects for this year’s Pingyao Project Promotion, including two projects from filmmakers from Shanxi province. 

Pingyao Project Promotion is a film financing platform for Chinese-language productions with completed scripts. It aims to explore potential film projects and discover new talents, offering incubation opportunities for outstanding film projects.


Big Bad Love
Screenwriter: Jinder, Zhu
Director: Jinder
Producer: Du Qingchun
Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy

Blue Story
Scr/Dir: Rabden Yak
Producer: Tsem Do
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Ethnic Minority

Dear Life
Scr/Dir: Lin Li
Executive Producer: Yuan Yuan
Producer: Zhu Bao
Genre: Family

A Farewell To Innocence
Screenwriter: Fan Jing, Jiang Lihua
Director: Fan Jing
Producer: Ding Ningyuan
Genre: Women, Crime, Suspense

The Feverish Epiphyllum
Scr/Dir: Zhao Badou
Producer: Han Bo
Genre: Fantasy, Women

Gun Grave
Scr/Dir: Liang Ming
Genre: Romance, Crime

Have Some Ambition
Scr/Dir: Yue Xiaojun
Producer: Fei Xiao
Genre: Comedy, Film Noir

If You See Me
Scr/Dir: Ruan Tang
Producer: Yang Jing
Executive Producer: Yang Chao
Genre: Women, Family

Reborn (Shanxi Project)
Scr/Dir: Gao Linyang
Producer: Justine O.,Wang Xiaoxiao
Genre: Family, Women, Ethnic Minority

Screenwriter: Li Tao
Director: Ning Yuanyuan
Producer: Zhao Yuan
Genre: Crime, Family

The Sailor
Scr/Dir: Yu Lu
Executive Producer: Zheng Dasheng
Genre: Coming-of-Age, Crime

The Shadow Of The Mountain
Scr/Dir: Buyu Shima
Producer: Sheng Yanhong
Genre: Women, Family, Ethnic Minority

The Song Of The Hills
Screenwriter: Wang Erzhuo, Liu Yining
Director: Wang Erzhuo
Executive Producer: Gu Zheng
Producer: Zhang Guanren
Genre: Women, Family, Drama

The Sun Also Rises
Screenwriter: Luo Yunfei, Wu Jian’an
Director: Luo Yunfei
Executive Producer: Wu Jian’an
Producer: Cassandra
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shadow Puppetry

They Are The Magi
Scr/Dir: Zheng Ziyi
Producer: Wenqi
Genre: Coming-of-age, Women, Romance

Wait For Me
Scr/Dir: Han Jinyuan
Executive Producer: Zhang Xianmin
Producer: Cheng Yao
Genre: Women, Family

The Wings Of Icarus (Shanxi Project)
Screenwriter: Berlarin Wang, Lu Zhou, Zhang Bixuan
Director: Berlarin Wang
Executive Producer: Du Qingchun
Producer: Du Qingchun
Genre: Children, Crime