Film Bazaar Co-production Market

India’s Film Bazaar Announces 20 Projects Selected For Co-production Market

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Film Bazaar, organised by India’s National Film Development Corp (NFDC), has announced the  20 projects selected for this year’s Co-production Market, which is taking place as an in-person event for the first time since 2019. 

While the projects all have a South Asian connection, many are set up as co-productions with countries including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada and Japan. 

UK director Michael Radford is co-directing Spanish-Indian co-production The Princess Of Kapurthala with Manuel Estudillo, while Kaushik Ray will direct A Life A Rose, co-produced by France’s BackUp Media and India’s Taran Tantra Telefilms. 

In addition to projects from India, the line-up also includes Nepali filmmaker Machindra Yongya’s Changing Sky and Depth Of Darkness, a Tamil and Malay-language project from Malaysian filmmaker Gogularaajan Rajendran.

“Co-Production Market has been and continues to be the most important segment of the Bazaar,” said NFDC managing director Ravinder Bhakar. “The market allows international producers to understand current trends in cinema from India and South Asia. We are enormously proud of this year’s selection that showcases some of the most diverse, inclusive and ground-breaking stories from Nepal, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, UK, USA and India.” 

Film Bazaar is taking place November 20-24 at the Goa Marriott Resort in Goa, India.


A Life A Rose (India, France, UK, Germany)
Language: English, Bengali, French
Director: Kaushik Ray
Producer: Jean-Baptiste Babin, BackUp Media; Pooja Chauhan, Taran Tantra Telefilms

Aadmin (Premordial) (India)
Language: Marathi
Director: Sohil Vaidya
Producer: Bijon Imtiyaz, Arifur Rahman, Goopy Bagha Production

Arms Of A Man (India, UK)
Language: Marathi
Director: Rohan Kanawade
Producer: Neeraj Churi, Lotus Visual Productions

Badlido Aakash (Changing Sky) (Nepal)
Language: Nepali
Director: Machindra Yongya
Producer: Anup Poudel, Underground Talkies Nepal

Band Galli (The Last Lane) (India)
Language: Hindi, English
Director: Gautam Arora
Producer: Shaunak Sen, Kite Rabbit Films

Depth Of Darkness (Malaysia)
Language: Tamil, Malay
Director: Gogularaajan Rajendran
Producer: Kumanavannan Rajendran, Fourth Frame Studios

Honour (Australia, India, Canada, UK)
Language: English, Hindi
Director: Anupam Sharma
Producer: Jannine Bernes, Cathy Roda, Films and Casting Temple

Kal Baisakhi (The Nor’Westers) (India)
Language: Hindi, Bengali, English
Director & Producer: Judhajit Bagchi & Ranadeep Bhattacharyya
Producer: Shikha Alhuwalia

Keet (Insectum) (India)
Language: Hindi
Director: Bhaskar Hazarika
Producer: Shyam Bora, Metanormal Motion Pictures

Kollam (India, UK)
Language: Hindi, English
Director: Shalini Adnani
Producers: Michael Graf, Makadam Films

Kuch Sapne Apne (Dreams Such As Ours) (India, UK)
Language: Hindi, Tamil, English
Director: Sridhar Rangayan
Producer: Pragyesh Singh, TNV Films; Sridhar Rangayan, Solaris Pictures

Oranges Smell Like Turpentine (India)
Language: Hindi, English
Director: Sasha Singh
Producer: Arfi Lamba & Katharina Suckle, Bombay Berlin Film Productions

Punishment (UK, India)
Language: English
Director: Isher Sahota
Producer: Jon Tarcy

Quissa-E-Circus (A Ballad Of The Circus) (India, Japan)
Language: Hindi
Director: Savita Singh
Producer: Kyoko Dan

Sheen (Snow) (India)
Language: Hindi, Kashmiri, English
Director: Shazia Khan
Producer: Onir Dhar, Anticlock Films

Smart City (India)
Language: Hindi
Director: Rohin Raveendran
Producer: Vikramaditya Motwane, Andolan Films

Still Here (US, India)
Language: English, Hindi
Director: Mragendra Singh
Producer: Shardul Sharma

Teen Mulanche Chaar Diwas (Three Bikes Four Days) (India)
Language: Marathi, Hindi, Gondi
Director: Alok Rajwade
Producer: Amey Gosavi

Touch Me Not (India)
Language: Hindi, French, Marathi
Director: Anjali Patil
Producer: Jason Newmark, Newscope Films

La Princesa De Kapurthala (The Princess Of Kapurthala) (Spain, India)
Language: Spanish
Director: Michael Radford, Manuel Estudillo
Producer: Juan Antonio Casado, Ibolca Films, Pok Production; Davide Cottarelli, Pok Production, Varcale Capital Management