iflix teams with Indonesia’s Screenplay on YA horror series

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Pan-Asian streaming platform iflix is partnering with Indonesia’s Screenplay Films on a young adult horror series, Conversation With Ghosts (working title). 

The six-part supernatural horror tells the story of a girl who just wants to fit in at her new campus, but discovers she has supernatural abilities and a connection to the occult, which threatens to alter her destiny forever. 

iflix is also working with Screenplay to produce 16 of the 26 made-for-OTT movies that form part of the streamer’s deal with social storytelling platform Wattpad. The selections were curated using Wattpad’s Story DNA Machine Learning technology, which gives insights into the successful elements of the platform’s top trending titles. 

The films will cover a range of genres including action, comedy, drama and romance. When the films are launched, they will also be co-marketed on the Wattpad platform, tapping into the stories’ pre-existing fanbase.

iflix has an on-going partnership with Screenplay through which it will exclusively stream some of the company’s theatrical releases, including Something In Between(pictured), Dancing In The RainOrang Kaya Baruand Calon Bini. The two companies have also co-produced an original series that is a spin-off of Screenplay’s 2015 box office hit Magic Hour.

Screenplay Films CEO and founder, Sukhdev Singh, said: “2019 marks the third year of collaboration between Screenplay Films and iflix. Being the premiere destination for a variety of content, iflix has evolved as a creative and innovative entertainment service. Not only has it become the main source for romance, but also comedy and horror content, catering to users across Indonesia with tremendous success for both companies.”