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HBF+Europe Minority Co-Prod & Post 2024: Funding News

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International Film Festival of Rotterdam’s Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) has selected eight projects for its HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production Support scheme, along with two projects for its HBF+ Europe: Post-production scheme.

The projects will receive €60,000 to support either their production or post-production. HBF+Europe supports projects from filmmakers based in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe, and encourages European co-production of those projects. One of the eight projects selected for Co-production Support must remain anonymous.

Hubert Bals Fund head Tamara Tatishvili said: “While demonstrating an impressive range of artistic approaches, all the projects in this selection call for the need to make our world a better place, elevating the crucial importance of multicultural cooperation. Each production team follows a complex path to bring projects to fruition, and in cases like the two supported projects from Argentina, these funds will prove crucial to realising ambitious, artistically driven work.”

HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production Support selection 2024:

Amoeba: Siyou Tan (Singapore, Netherlands, France, Spain)
Lead producer: Akanga Film Asia (Singapore)
Applicant producer: Volya Films (Netherlands)
As Shadows Fade: Burcu Aykar (Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Norway)
Lead producer: Liman Film (Turkey)
Applicant producer: Isabella Films (Netherlands)
Hijas Unicas: Alba Gaviraghi (Chile, Argentina, Germany)
Lead producer: Agosto Cine (Chile)
Applicant producer: Nabis Films (Germany)
Love Conquers All: Danielle Arbid (Lebanon, France)
Lead producer: Abbott Productions (Lebanon)
Applicant producer: Easy Riders Films (France)
Marie & Jolie: Erige Sehiri (France, Tunisia)
Lead producer: Henia Production (Tunisia)
Applicant producer: Maneki Films (France)
El Mundo Es Nuestro: Francisco Márquez (Argentina, Brazil, France)
Lead producer: Pensar con las Manos (Argentina)
Application producer: Altamar Films (France)

Seis Meses En El Edificio Rosa Con Azul: Bruno Santamaría (Mexico, Denmark, France, Brasil)
Lead producer: Ojo de Vaca (Mexico)
Applicant producer: Snowglobe (Denmark)

Anonymous project

HBF+Europe: Post-production Support selection 2024:

Agora: Ala Eddine Slim (Tunisia, France, Saudi Arabia)
Lead producer: Exit Films (Tunisia)
Applicant producer: Cinenovo (France)

Olivia: Sofía Petersen (Argentina, UK, Spain)
Lead producer: Animitas (Argentina)
Applicant producer: Vitrine Filmes (Spain)