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HAF Works-in-Progress 2024: Full Line-up 

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Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) has selected 15 projects for its Works-in-Progress section, part of an expanded HKIFF Industry Project Market (March 11-13), managed by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS).

The 15 WIP projects include works from leading filmmakers such as Chang Tso-Chi, Lav Diaz, Mark Gill, Midi Z, Tan Chui Mui and Yang Chao; and feature many prominent and emerging actors, including Asano Tadanobu, Ikematsu Sosuke, Joseph Chang, Ariel Lin, Lo Chun Yip, Nai An, Hedwig Tam, Wang Hongwei and Neo Yau.

All shortlisted WIP projects will participate in an Open Pitch session at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on March 11 and 12, during which representatives of each project will showcase footage of their new works. All HKIFF Industry Project Market and Filmart badge holders are welcome to participate.  

The 15 WIP projects join the previously announced HKIFF Industry Project Market line-up of 26 In Development Projects and six projects for the inaugural HKIFF Industry – CAA China Genre Initiative.

HAF 2024 Works-in-Progress:

*First feature project

Admission (China)*
Dir: Quentin Hsu Kun-Hua
Prods: Hsu Hsiao-Ming, Ruby Chen, Lin Chi-An
Prod Co: Coolie Films
Deep Quiet Room (Taiwan, Italy, Poland)
Dir: Shen Ko-Shang
Prods: Arthur Chu, Sylvia Shih Yea-Chun, Patrick Mao Huang
Prod Cos: Wind Rises Entertainment, Oxygen Films, Flash Forward Entertainment
Diamonds In The Sand (Philippines, Japan, Malaysia)
Dir: Janus Victoria
Prods: Lorna Tee, Dan Villegas
Prod Cos: Paperheart, Project 8 Projects
Elapse (China)
Dir: Zhang Hanyi
Prod: Ma Xiaotian
Prod Co: Rare Pictures
Green Persimmon (China)*
Dir: Zhang Zhongyu
Prods: Lu Xiaowei, Su Zitong, Sun Yu
Prod Co: Qingdao Little Teenager Culture Media Co
Heirloom (India)*
Dir: Upamanyu Bhattacharyya
Prods: Arya A Menon, Shubham Karna
Prod Co: Odd & Even Pictures
Intimate Encounter (Taiwan)
Dir: Chang Tso-Chi
Prod: Kao Wen-Horng
Prod Co: Chang Tso Chi Film Studio Co
Kawalan (Philippines)
Dir: Lav Diaz
Prod: Hazel Orencio
Prod Co: Sine Olivia Pilipinas
The Land Is Our Navel (China)
Dir: Zhang Zhongchen
Prods: Midi Z, Chen Kunyang, Xie Haochi
Prod Co: Beijing San Yue Culture Media Co
Montages Of A Modern Motherhood (Hong Kong)
Dir: Oliver Chan Siu-kuen
Prods: Oliver Chan Siu-kuen, Lung Kwok-yiu
Prod Co: No Ceiling Film Production
Ravens (France, Japan, Spain, Belgium)
Dir: Mark Gill
Prods: Orian Williams, Cyril Cadars, Kawamura Hideki, Ishii Fukasawa Megumi
Prod Cos: Vestapol Ark Entertainment, Minded Factory
To Kill A Mongolian Horse (China)*
Dir: Jiang Xiaoxuan
Prods: Tan Chui Mui, Mo Zhulin
Prod Co: Manda Jiang Productions
The Way We Talk (Hong Kong)
Dir: Adam Wong Sau-ping
Prods: Jacqueline Liu, Ho Hong
Prod Co: One Cool Workshop
The Wind Is Unstoppable (China)
Dir: Huo Meng
Prod: Zhang Fan
Prod Co: Floating Light (Foshan) Film and Culture Co
Yongle Palace (China, Hong Kong)
Dir: Nan Xin
Prods: Yang Chao, Yang Jing, Liu Yuting
Prod Co: Macao International Film and Television Festival Industry Culture Co