Golden Horse FPP Series 2023: Full Line-Up

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Taiwan’s Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP) has announced the 18 episodic projects that have been selected for the fourth edition of its Series section. 

Several of the projects touch on significant periods of history or real-life figures, such as This Is My Stage! – A Time, directed by Tsao Jui-yuan (Seqalu: Formosa 1867), which uses folk songs to depict the youth in a military dependents’ village; Yin Chen-hao’s It’s Showtime!, about the tumultuous life of a Taiwanese showbiz magnate; and Ching Chia-hua’s East Of The East China Sea, about the rise and fall of a Taiwanese internet miracle.

The line-up also includes several female-oriented stories such as 40 Something, produced by Cheryl Yang, which delves into the contemporary female psyche through the lives of three cohabiting middle-aged friends; C.F. Fu’s Oldschool Girl, an adaptation of the best-selling book that interweaves the shared memories of three generations of women through cooking; and The Queen Of The Diamond, produced by Phil Tang (Copycat Killer), which depicts the struggles and challenges of a baseball team manager.

Crime dramas also feature heavily in the line-up, including Before We Were Monsters, about a crime scene cleaner who tracks criminals through scent, from the production team of The Magician On The Skywalk; The Fixers, from director Hung Tzu-hsuan and the original team behind Taiwan Crime Stories; and Hsu Fu-hsiang’s What Happens When You Stay Up, about a genius Chinese medicine doctor who also solves crimes.

Projects selected for Golden Horse FPP Series in previous years are also being gradually produced and released, with The Amazing Grace of Σ and Oh No! Here Comes Trouble already streaming. Others currently being shot or are in post-production include Show On: an Influencer’s Rise To Her Hot Hot Fame, Not a Murder Story, Fxxk U & Love U, Three Tears In Borneo and Not Just A Drunkard

The 2023 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion will take place in Taipei from November 20 to 22. 

Golden Horse FPP Series 2023:

40 Something (Taiwan)
Producer: Cheryl YANG, Cherry CHEN
Screenwriter: WU Hsia, Big A
Director: Remii HUANG
Prod co: inJECT Films
Hell Heist (Hong Kong)
Producer: DING Ning-Yuan, Yoonnes LEE, John WANG Pao-Chuan
Screenwriter: John WANG Pao-Chuan
Prod co: Uluka Productions
The Abandoned Homework (Hong Kong, Taiwan)
Producer: Cat KWAN, Lemmon WONG, Cecilia WONG Lai-ming
Screenwriter: Cat KWAN
Director: Lemmon WONG
Prod co: The All-time Orchestra
Thieves: Botak Chin (Malaysia, Taiwan)
Producer: KUEK Shee-heng
Screenwriter: ONG Soon-teik, KUEK Shee-heng, GOH Pei-chiek
Director: GOH Pei-chiek
Prod co: Aview Image Co, Wayang Pictures
What Happens When You Stay Up (Taiwan)
Producer: CHEN Mei-shan, HUANG Kuei-hui
Screenwriter: WEN Huei-ming
Director: HSU Fu-hsiang
Prod co: Ju Chen Production Co
Fanteasia (Taiwan, US)
Producer: Anita TUNG
Screenwriter: Erich RETTSTADT
Director: Erich RETTSTADT
Prod co: Penelope Cantaloupe Productions, All Lights On Image
Before We Were Monsters (Taiwan)
Producer: LIN Shih-ken, LIN I-ling, HSIAO Wei-hsuan
Screenwriter: LIAO Hung-hsing
Prod co: Outland Film Production
Oldschool Girl (Taiwan)
Producer: Gene YAO
Screenwriter: C.F. FU
Director: C.F. FU
Prod co: October Films
This Is My Stage! – A Time (Taiwan)
Producer: TSAO Jui-yuan, HSU Qi-yan, HSU Kuang-chih
Screenwriter: Kilin QI
Director: TSAO Jui-yuan
Prod co: TSAOism Production
East Of The East China Sea (Taiwan)
Producer: Eva WANG, MJ LU
Screenwriter: CHIN Chia-hua
Director: CHIN Chia-hua
Prod co: Geppetto Film Studio
Ages Of Flora (Taiwan)
Producer: Susan HUANG, SU Yu-hao
Screenwriter: Angel TENG I-han
Director: Angel TENG I-han
Prod co: Long Moment Films
It’s Showtime! (Taiwan)
Producer: JIN Pai-lunn
Screenwriter: WU Yi-chien
Director: YIN Chen-hao
Prod co: Calendar Studios Co
N.Y.E. Rhapsodies (Taiwan) [Animation]
Producer: CHEN Lin-shur, Joy CHIOU
Screenwriter: LIEN Chun-chien, Pohan LEE, Jade LIEN
Director: LIEN Chun-chien
Prod co: Dottodot
The Queen Of The Diamond (Taiwan)
Producer: Phil TANG, Eason KO
Screenwriter: LIN Chia-hsuan
Director: LUO An-de
Prod co: GrX Studio
Super Mind Clinic (Taiwan)
Producer: LIAO Chien-hsing, LIN Hsin-yi
Screenwriter: TSAI Jin-en
Director: CHEN Yi-kai
Prod co: Keepin Joy Tech Co
The Fixers (Taiwan)
Producer: Benjamin LIN, Cora YIM
Screenwriter: SHIH Hong-ru
Director: HUNG Tzu-hsuan
Prod co: Calfilms
Bang! The Mafia Fortune Teller! (Taiwan)
Producer: SU Ting-ruei, KUO Jo-chi
Screenwriter: LIU Yi, James TSENG
Director: LIU Yi
Prod co: Good Terms Production, Kingyo Productions Co
Connecting To You (Taiwan)
Producer: CHEN Pao-ying, HOU Shuai-an
Screenwriter: WEN Huei-ming
Director: YU Jhi-han
Prod co: Force Films Co