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Golden Horse FPP Features 2023: Full Line-Up

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Taiwan’s Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP) has selected 39 development projects and seven works-in-progress for the features section of this year’s edition, which is taking place November 20-22 during Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. 

FPP will be handing out $248,000 (TWD8m) in awards, including the $30,000 (TW1m) Grand Prize. The line-up includes international co-productions and directors such as Daishi Matsunaga’s Taiwanese-Japanese love story Until That Day; Singaporean filmmaker Boi Kwong’s House Of The Beast; A Woman Builds, co-directed by Huang Ji and Ryuji Otsuka (Stonewalling); and Malaysian director Kang Sze-wen’s Take Me Home


Semi (Hong Kong)
Director: LEUNG Kin-pong
Screenwriter: LEUNG Kin-pong, WONG Wan-sze
Exec Prod: Saville CHAN, WONG Wan-sze
Prod: WONG Wan-sze
Prod Cos: Electric Diamond Production, Eyes Front Pictures

Fate With God (Taiwan) [Documentary]
Director: LEE Kang-ling
Screenwriter: LEE Kang-ling
Prods: Lynn CHEN, Joseph LEE
Prod Co: HMH Films

Number 2 (Singapore)
Director: ONG Kuo Sin
Screenwriter: ONG Kuo Sin, Jaspers LAI
Exec Prod: TOONG Soo-wei
Prod: Tim LAW Hsien-hwee
Prod Cos: mm2 Entertainment, Byleft Productions

Transamazonia (France, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil)
Director: Pia Marais
Screenwriter: Sophie Erbs
Prod: Stefano Centini
Prod Cos: Volos Films, Gaijin, Cinema Inutile

Pierce (Singapore, Taiwan, Poland)
Director: Nelicia LOW
Screenwriter: Nelicia LOW
Prods: Sam CHUA Weishi, Jeremy CHUA, Patrick Mao HUANG, John M LO, Izabela Igel
Prod Cos: Potocol, Flash Forward Entertainment, Harine Films

Out Of Nowhere (Taiwan)
Director: Julian LEE
Screenwriter: Julian LEE
Exec Prod: Vivian CHIANG
Prod: WANG Yun-ming
Prod Co: Askafilm Production

Hearing From The Dolphin (Taiwan) [Documentary]
Director: ZHANG Hong-jie
Screenwriter: ZHANG Hong-jie
Exec Prod: HUNG Chun-hsiu
Prod: TING Chung-ying
Prod Co: Ruddy Production


Take Me Home (Malaysia)
Director: KANG Sze-wen
Screenwriter: KANG Sze-wen
Prod: WONG Kew-soon
Prod Co: Janji Pictures Production

Rescue (Taiwan)
Director: SHEN Chi
Screenwriter: SHEN Chi, CHOU Li-chun
Exec Prod: LIN Shih-ken, Xander GUO
Prod: Jaja HUANG
Prod Cos: Blossom Film, Genesis Wave Film

Be Ordinary (Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong)
Director: Tracy CHOI
Screenwriter: Tracy CHOI, LOU Shiu-wa, Sebrina ZHENG
Exec Prod: Jacqueline LIU, Estela Valdivieso CHEN
Prod: Estela Valdivieso CHEN, SUNG Chin-hsuan, Hazel WU
Prod Co: Serendipity Films

Little Lover (Taiwan)
Director: TSAI Yi-fen
Screenwriter: TSAI Yi-fen, CHEN Cheng-yu
Exec Prod: CHANG Chia-lu, CHANG Feng-mei
Prod: Sylvia SHIH Yea-chun
Prod Co: Even Pictures

Live Like Cat & Man (Taiwan)
Director: Shaun SU
Screenwriter: Emily J. H. CHANG
Exec Prod: Peter LAI
Prod: CHANG Ya-ting, Eric XIE Xiang-yu
Prod Co: Strong Productions

Super-Reasoning Treasure Hunt (Taiwan) [Documentary]
Director: HUANG Hsin-yao
Screenwriter: HUANG Hsin-yao
Exec Prod: Meow-b
Prod: YANG Yao-ju
Prod Co: A-Yao Film

The Haunted Socialite (Taiwan)
Director: CHANG Yao-sheng
Screenwriter: CHANG Yao-sheng, CHEN I-chih
Exec Prod: LIAO Ching-sung
Prod: CHEN I-chih
Prod Co: Kawada James Film

It Is Just A Summer Thing (Hong Kong)
Director: Sasha CHUK
Screenwriter: Sasha CHUK
Exec Prod: Jun LI
Prod: Jun LI
Prod Co: Good Sin Production

A Woman Builds (Taiwan, Japan, Singapore)
Director: HUANG Ji, OTSUKA Ryuji
Screenwriter: HUANG Ji, OTSUKA Ryuji
Prod: OTSUKA Ryuji, KUO Ming-jung, Fran BORGIA
Prod Cos: Island X Pictures, YGP-Film LLC, Akanga Film Asia

That Burning House (Taiwan)
Director: TSAI Yin-chuan
Screenwriter: TSAI Yin-chuan
Exec Prod: Isaac LI, LEE Yi-fang
Prod: Eric YEH
Prod Co: The Movie Bird Films

Z Town (Singapore, Hong Kong)
Director: Sam LOH
Screenwriter: PANG Kai-yi
Exec Prod: CHOW Wai-thong, Ronan WONG
Prod: CHOW Wai-thong, Ronan WONG
Prod Cos: August Pictures, Kino (Asia) Industries

Under The Same Boat (Taiwan) [Documentary]
Director: CHANG Ming-yu
Screenwriter: CHANG Ming-yu
Prod: JU Jau-yan
Prod Co: Pterodactyl IMC

Cloud Of The Unknown (Hong Kong, France) [Animation]
Director: GAO Yuan
Screenwriter: GAO Yuan, Anita L. PAN
Exec Prod: Isabelle GLACHANT
Prod: Isabelle GLACHANT
Prod Co: Chinese Shadows

Hibernal Solstice (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Italy)
Director: Amos WHY
Screenwriter: Amos WHY, KONG Yu-sing, Frankie CHUNG
Exec Prod: Amos WHY, Andrew CHOI, Sabrina Baracetti, LIN Pei-yi
Prod: Edwin FUNG, CHEN Pao-ying, Teresa KWONG, Amos WHY
Prod Co: Dot 2 Dot Production, Gray Wolf Production, Benchmark Films, Tucker Film

You Are Not Alone (Taiwan)
Director: LIN Chun-yang
Screenwriter: TSENG Li-ting
Exec Prod: laz SUN, Mimi WANG
Prod: Steve WANG, Mimi WANG
Prod Co: Ocean Entertainment

That Year, 162 Rainfalls (Taiwan)
Director: LIEN Chien-hung
Screenwriter: LIN Pei-yu
Exec Prod: Gavin LIN
Prod: Sarso CHOU, Walter LIN
Prod Co: Good Things Marketing Integration

The Horse (Taiwan)
Director: LAN Yi-tzu
Screenwriter: LAN Yi-tzu, Jérémie Dubois
Exec Prod: LIAO Ching-sung
Prod: Celine KAO, Stephanie SU
Prod Cos: Ksana Films, Original Films

When Wander Boy Meets Wonder Girl (Taiwan)
Director: TSENG Ying-ting
Screenwriter: KE Jia-huei
Exec Prod: David TANG
Prod: David TANG, Alba HU
Prod Co: Rumble Pictures

Be With You (Taiwan)
Director: Terry FU Tien-yu
Screenwriter: Terry FU Tien-yu
Exec Prod: Austin LIN
Prod: Austin LIN, KUO Zi-chi
Prod Co: Asobi Production

Grandma Loves You (Taiwan)
Director: FAN Chung-chi
Screenwriter: FAN Chung-chi
Exec Prod: Ning CHANG
Prod: TSAI Jia-yin
Prod Co: Tua-Tshut Films

Chewing Gum (Taiwan)
Director: LEE Yi-shan
Screenwriter: LEE Yi-shan
Exec Prod: HO Ping
Prod: LIN Yu-yeh, KUO Ming-jung
Prod Cos: The Handyman, Island X Pictures

Until That Day (Japan)
Director: MATSUNAGA Daishi
Screenwriter: INOUE Yumiko
Prod: OGAWA Shinji, INOUE Tetsuo
Prod Co: Bridgehead

My Phoenix Sister (Taiwan)
Director: KAO Huai-ju
Screenwriter: WENG Chih-ching, KAO Huai-ju
Exec Prod: CHEN Yu-hsun
Prod: HSIEH Chun-yao, Fenda LYN
Prod Co: JL 19films

Mindgration (UK)
Director: NG Ka-leung
Screenwriter: Felix TSANG
Prod: Felix TSANG
Prod Co: Haven Productions

House Of The Beast (Singapore)
Director: Boi KWONG
Screenwriter: Link SNG
Exec Prod: Jack NEO
Prod: Jimz LEE
Prod Co: B-01 Films

Malevolent Realm (Taiwan, Singapore)
Director: CHANG Kai-xiang
Screenwriter: CHANG Kai-xiang
Prod: Charlyn NG, Terry CHEN
Prod Co: IFA Media

Off The Ball (Hong Kong)
Director: LAM Sum
Screenwriter: Fean CHUNG Chu-fung
Exec Prod: TANG Kwok-yan, Mani MAN Pui-hing
Prod: Mani MAN Pui-hing, TANG Kwok-yan
Prod Co: Together Production

The Faceless Girl (Taiwan)
Director: WONG King-fai
Screenwriter: WONG King-fai
Exec Prod: LIN Shih-ken, WONG King-fai
Prod: OUYANG Sing
Prod Cos: Frontline Film Company, Outland Film Production

Endless Tenderness (Hong Kong)
Director: Rita HUI Nga-shu
Screenwriter: Rita HUI Nga-shu
Prod: Peter YAM
Prod Co: 70 Plus Production Company

Trapped In Yellow (Taiwan)
Director: TSAI Chia-ying
Screenwriter: ZOU Wan-zhen
Exec Prod: CHEN Shin-chi, TSENG Han-hsien
Prod: CHEN Shin-chi, TSENG Han-hsien
Prod Co: The Tag-Along

Sayun’s Dreams (Taiwan)
Director: Laha Mebow
Screenwriter: Laha Mebow, HSIEH Hui-ching
Exec Prod: Eric LIANG
Prod: Rex KUO
Prod Cos: SPI Tayal, Sky Films Entertainment

This Is How I Love You (Taiwan)
Director: Tom LIN Shu-yu
Screenwriter: Kimi HSIA, TING Chi-wen
Exec Prod: LEE Lieh
Prod: WU Chi-yu
Prod Co: An Attitude Production

The Playwright’s Stories (Taiwan, Hong Kong)
Director: YEUNG Leung-chuen
Screenwriter: YEUNG Leung-chuen
Exec Prod: LIAO Ching-sung
Prod: CHU Yun-ting
Prod Cos: Goodnight Production, Studio Lynnchen

Straight Outta Fishtown (Taiwan)
Director: HSU Chih-yen
Screenwriter: WU Jiun-you
Exec Prod: Dela CHANG
Prod: Caster WANG, Vincent CHEN
Prod Co: inJECT Films

Lezeme (Taiwan)
Director: Umin Boya
Screenwriter: Umin Boya
Exec Prod: Darian CHOU
Prod: HSIEH Chun-yao, HSU Guo-lun
Prod Co: Power Stone Production

Anomalies (Taiwan, South Korea)
Director: If CHEN
Screenwriter: YEH Nai-ching
Prod: Cody HUANG, Jasmine PARK
Prod Co: Type-Writers

Double Happiness (Taiwan)
Director: Joseph HSU Chen-chieh
Screenwriter: HSIEH Pei-ju
Prod: Clifford MIU
Prod Co: Splash Pictures

Dangling (Taiwan)
Director: CHANG Jung-chi
Screenwriter: CHANG Ying-min
Exec Prod: Rachel CHEN
Prod: Rachel CHEN, TUNG Ting-an
Prod Co: We Are Champions Films

The Seaside Town (Taiwan)
Director: CHEN Yung-chi
Screenwriter: WU Jiun-you
Prod: KUO Bo-tsun, Miranda WAN
Prod Co: Positivity Films