Luminor experiments with ABCs Of Death 2 release

Paris-based genre distributor Luminor has tied its French VOD release of ABCs Of Death 2 with the film’s US launch on October 2 by Drafthouse Films and Magnet Releasing.

The move is designed to combat piracy and catch the wave of genre fan enthusiasm connected to the stateside release.

Featuring shorts by Alex de la Iglesia, Rodney Ascher and Bill Plympton, Sion Sono and Vincenzo Natali, the portmanteau film explores 26 ways to die, each tale linked to a letter in the alphabet.

Luminor, a subsidiary of sales company Films Distribution, decided to experiment with the approach following its experiences with the original ABCs Of Death which it released in France in December 2013, a year after its US VOD opening.

By that time, several pirate versions were already circulating, undermining the Luminor distribution campaign.

By going straight to VOD, Luminor has forgone a theatrical release for the film in France. The country’s media window laws stipulate a three-month window between theatrical and VOD releases.

Prior to the VOD release of the sequel, Luminor instead screened the new film at a handful of genre festivals in France, including the Strasbourg Fantastic Film Festival in September.