COMING SOON: Hong Kong films in production or awaiting release

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Cinema closures in Hong Kong, due to five waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, and a slowdown in the mainland China release schedule have played havoc with the release of Hong Kong films over the past few years.

Hong Kong cinemas closed on January 7, 2022, ahead of the fifth and most serious wave of Covid, and won’t open again until April 20 at the earliest. This year’s Hong Kong International Film Festival, usually a launchpad for new Hong Kong titles, as well as the Hong Kong Film Awards, which recognises the industry’s achievements, have both been forced to postpone. Despite the delays, many Hong Kong films, either in production or waiting for the appropriate release platform, are being sold at this year’s Filmart Online (March 14-17). Some of the most high-profile titles are listed below. 

Dir. Wong Hing Fan
Prod: Soi Cheang
Cast: Aaron Kwok, Simon Yam, Lam Ka Tung
Status: Post-production

Action drama starring Kwok as a cyber security engineer who develops an artificial intelligence (AI) programme that has the potential to disable the region’s entire networks, but then has to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.
Contact: Abbey Wong, Edko Films,

DETECTIVE VS SLEUTHS [pictured above]
Dir: Wai Ka Fai
Cast: Sean Lau, Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi
Status: Completed

Lau stars as a former ace detective, now living on the streets and struggling with mental illness, who joins the fight against a group of vigilantes who are murdering the suspects of cold cases. The film is scheduled for mainland China release on April 2, 2022.
Contact: Miriam Cheung, Emperor Motion Pictures,

Dir: Amos Why
Prods: Winnie Tsang, Teresa Kwong, Amos Why
Cast: Kaki Sham, Jennifer Yu, Cecilia So, Hanna Chan
Status: Completed

In his quest for love, a young man courts five women of different temperaments, each of them living in Hong Kong’s furthest reaches. Why’s credits include Dot 2 Dot and Napping Kid. Far Far Away premiered as the closing film of last year’s Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, but had its local release delayed by the pandemic.
Contact: Golden Scene, Felix Tsang,

Dir. Felix Chong
Cast: Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Andy Lau
Status: Post-production

Crime thriller (previously titled East Side Stories) set in Hong Kong in the 1980s when a stock-market crash causes the sudden collapse of a multi-billion-dollar company. An anticorruption investigator uncovers a criminal conspiracy involving the company’s founder, and becomes entangled in a long-running investigation.
Contact: Miriam Cheung, Emperor Motion Pictures,

Dir: Oxide Pang
Cast: Andy Lau, Zhang Zifeng, Qu Chuxiao, Liu Tao, Guo Xiaodong
Status: In production

Action film about a former SWAT officer, who gets caught up in a hijacking attempt whilst on board a flight on his way home, and whose daughter becomes involved in the ensuing negotiations.
Contact: Carmen Kai, Universe Films Distribution,

Dir: Kearen Pang
Cast: Teresa Mo, Keung To, Jer Lau
Status: Completed

Keung To and Jer Lau from hot Hong Kong boy band Mirror are making their film debuts in this comedy drama about a former talent manager, now a single mother, who discovers a new star but then has to deal with the jealousy of her teenage son. Pang, who is also an actress, made her directing debut in 2017 with 29+1, which won best new director at the Hong Kong Film Awards.
Contact: Miriam Cheung, Emperor Motion Pictures,

Dir: Terry Ng Ka Wai
Prods: Fruit Chan, Ng Sui Wan, O Sing-Pui
Cast: Vincent Wong, Jennifer Yu, Hugo Ng
Status: Post-production

An uplifting family drama about the relationship between a star tutor (Vincent Wong) and a more traditional teacher (Jennifer Yu), who has a complicated relationship with her father (Hugo Ng), the star tutor’s boss.
Contact: Daisy Wong, Entertaining Power,

Dir. Sunny Chan
Cast: Dayo Wong, Stephy Tang, Louis Cheung, Ivana Wong, Lim Min Chen
Status: Completed

Following his acclaimed debut, Men On The Dragon, Chan directed this ensemble comedy, which was scheduled to play in Hong Kong over Chinese New Year, but had its release delayed by the pandemic. The story revolves around a family reunion dinner that turns awkward when a family member turns up with his brother’s ex-girlfriend.
Contact: Abbey Wong, Edko Films,

Dirs: Fruit Chan, Fung Chih Chiang, Wesley Hoi
Prods: John Chong, Mathew Tang
Cast: Richie Jen, Cherry Ngan, Cecilia So, Jerry Lamb
Status: Post-production

A psychological thriller comprising three short films from three acclaimed directors about the hidden horrors that lurk behind the urban landscape of Hong Kong. Media Asia is already in post-production on a second installment (with segments directed by Frank Hui, Doris Wong and Daniel Chan), while a third installment is in production (Lee Chi-Ngai, Peter Lee and Pater Wong).
Contact: Fred Tsui, Media Asia,

Dir. Soi Cheang
Prods: John Chong, Wilson Yip
Cast: Louis Koo, Richie Jen, Zhang Jin
Status: In production

Based on the cult manga series City Of Darkness, this action thriller is set in 1980s in the infamous Kowloon Walled City, a lawless labyrinth in Hong Kong that was demolished in 1994.
Contact: Fred Tsui, Media Asia,

Dir. Ng Yuen Fai
Cast: Louis Koo, Sean Lau, Carina Lau
Status: Post-production

This upcoming sci-fi action film, directed by VFX artist Ng Yuen Fai, is aiming for release this year following a lengthy post-production process due to the high volume of visual effects. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the story revolves around the fight between humanity and an alien plant that has crashlanded on Earth inside a meteorite.
Contact: Christy Choi, One Cool Pictures,

Dir. Herman Yau
Cast: Louis Koo, Sean Lau, Aaron Kwok
Status: Post-production

The third installment in the hit franchise follows a cop working undercover in a Southeast Asian drug cartel, who has formed a bond with a Thai drug lord, but reaches out to the Hong Kong Narcotics Bureau to take down the cartel once and for all.
Contact: Carmen Kai, Universe Films Distribution,