Caught By The Tides

CANNES 2024 LINE-UP: Titles Selected From Asia, Africa & Midde East

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Below is a list of films selected for Cannes Official Selection, Critics Week and Directors Fortnight originating from or mostly filmed in Asia, Africa and the Middle East (or from filmmakers originating from these regions but based elsewhere) with sales agents and nationalities of co-production partners where known.


Caught By The Tides, dir: Jia Zhang-Ke (China) [PICTURED ABOVE]
Int’l sales: MK2 Films
All We Imagine As Light, dir: Payal Kapadia (France, India, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
Int’l sales: Luxbox

The Seed Of The Sacred Fig, dir: Mohammad Rasoulof (Iran)
Int’l sales: Films Boutique


Black Dog, dir: Guan Hu (China)
Int’l sales: Playtime

My Sunshine, dir: Hiroshi Okuyama (Japan, France)
Int’l sales: Charades

Norah, dir: Tawfik Alzaidi (Saudi Arabia)
Int’l sales: Cercamon, TwentyOne Entertainment

On Becoming A Guinea Fowl, dir: Rungano Nyoni (US, UK, Ireland)
Int’l sales: A24

Santosh, dir: Sandhya Suri (India, France, UK, Germany)
Int’l sales: MK2 Films

The Shameless, dir: Konstantin Bojanov (Switzerland, France, Bulgaria, Taiwan)
Int’l sales: Urban Sales

Viet And Nam, dir: Truong Minh Quý (Vietnam, Philippines, France, Singapore, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, US)
Int’l sales: Pyramide International

The Village Next To Paradise, dir: Mo Harawe (Somalia, Austria, Germany, France)
Int’l sales: Totem Films


She’s Got No Name, dir: Peter Ho-Sun Chan (China)
Int’l sales: Moebius Entertainment


I, The Executioner, dir: Ryoo Seung Wan (Korea)
Int’l sales: CJ ENM

Twilight Of The Warrior: Walled In, dir: Soi Cheang (Hong Kong, China)
Int’l sales: Media Asia


An Unfinished Film, dir: Lou Ye (China)
Int’l sales: Coproduction Office


Everybody Loves Touda, dir: Nabil Ayouch (France, Morocco, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway)
Int’l sales: MK2 Films
Rendez-Vous Avec Pol Pot, dir: Rithy Panh (France, Cambodia)
Int’l sales: Playtime


Ghost Trail, dir: Jonathan Millet (France, Germany, Belgium)
Int’l sales: MK2 Films

Across The Sea, dir: Saïd Hamich Benlarbi (France, Morocco, Belgium, Qatar)
Contact: Barney Production

Blue Sun Palace, dir: Constance Tsang (US)
Int’l sales: Charades, WME (North America)

The Brink Of Dreams, dirs: Nada Riyadh, Ayman El Amir (Egypt, France, Denmark, Qatar, Saudi Arabia)
Contact: Felucca Films

Locust, dir: KEFF (Taiwan, France, US)
Int’l sales: MK2 Films


Desert Of Namibia, dir: Yôko Yamanaka (Japan)
Int’l sales: Happinet Phantom Studios

East Of Noon, dir: Hala Elkoussy (Netherlands, Egypt, Qatar)
Contact: VRIZA

Ghost Cat Anzu, dirs: Yôko Kuno, Nobuhiro Yamashita (Japan)
Int’l sales: Charades

Mongrel, dirs: Chiang Wei Liang, You Qiao Yin (Taiwan, Singapore, France)
Int’l sales: Alpha Violet

Sister Midnight, dir: Karan Kandhari (UK, Sweden)
Int’l sales: Protagonist Pictures

To A Land Unknown, dir: Mahdi Fleifel (UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Palestine)
Int’l sales: Salaud Morisset


In Retreat, dir: Maisam Ali (India, France)
Contact: Varsha Productions, Barycenter Films, Salt For Sugar Films