Arab Telemedia launches content on iTunes

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Jordanian production company Arab Telemedia is launching 44 of its movies and TV series on the iTunes Store, including Emmy-winning drama The Invasion.

The company said it chose iTunes to reach a wider Arabic and non-Arabic audience after research showed that a significant amount of its existing viewers are active on the iTunes Store.

The first batch of titles will go live at the start of Ramadan on June 6, 2016.

The Invasion (Al Igtiyah), one of the first Arab Telemedia productions to hit the iTunes Store, is a drama about a relationship between a Palestinian fugitive and an Israeli woman set against Israel’s 2002 West Bank incursion. The series won the Emmy for best international telenovela in 2008.

Arab Telemedia is working with NEP The Netherlands UpperEast software solution on encoding and distribution of the content. Based in Amman, Arab Telemedia has produced more than 5,000 hours of drama programming over the past 30 years.