Amazon, Oscar Promotion team on Japanese sci-fi series

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Amazon Prime Video is working with Japan’s Oscar Promotion to produce original sci-fi drama series FACE, starring Ayame Goriki.

Takahiro Miura, Ryosei Konishi and Yuya Matsushita also star in the series, which is scheduled to start streaming on July 11, 2017. New episodes of the series are set to stream weekly, every Wednesday.

Ayame Goriki plays a member of a cyber crime special investigation unit, known as FACE, which fights cyber criminals when regular police investigation methods cannot cope. Takahiro Miura plays her brother and a former IT engineer on the run for treason. The series will also feature special guest stars in each episode.

“Following our drama series such as Kamen Rider Amazons and Tokyo Vampire Hotel, this is Amazon Prime Video’s first Japanese Amazon Original series set in the world of cyber crime,” said James Farrell, head of Asia Pacific Content, Amazon Prime Video.

“We can’t wait to see how our members respond to seeing Ayame Goriki, one of the most popular actresses in Japan, as a cyber cop.”

Directed by Ayato Matsuda and Hideki Hori, the series is produced by Oscar Promotion’s Mitsunori Morita and executive produced by Seichi Koda.