Amazon checks in to Sion Sono’s Tokyo Vampire Hotel

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Amazon Prime Video Japan is working with maverick Japanese director Sion Sono on original series Tokyo Vampire Hotel, which is scheduled to stream from June 16.

Sion Sono’s first drama based on an original screenplay, the series revolves around a battle to save mankind from a vampire tribe. The cast includes actress Kaho, in her first full-scale action role, Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Ami Tomite, Yumi Adachi and Megumi Kagurazaka.

The nine-episode series was produced with Nikkatsu Corporation and written by Jun Tsugita and Manabu Ikarimoto. Tomohiro Kubo and Daisuke Matsuo serve as directors and writers of two episodes.

Filming took place on three soundstages at Nikkatsu Studios and on location in Transylvania, Romania.

“Our focus is to work with content creators to be innovative and deliver a content experience only available on Amazon. With his unique voice and baroque style, Sono puts his mark on any genre,” said James Farrell, Amazon Prime Video’s head of Asia Pacific content.

Sion Sono said: “I had wanted to make an original vampire movie for a long time and now my wish has come true. Amazon offered me the chance to make an original drama, but I approached it as if making a movie.”